• Call for Papers 'QUEERING THE TROPICS' (submission deadline February 15, 2024)


    Special Issue Theme: Queering the Tropics

    This special issue attends to and reflects upon forms of queerness in the tropics. Drawing upon fields such as queer and trans theories, LGBTQIA2+ studies, decolonial and postcolonial scholarship, and ecofeminism and the environmental humanities, this special issue asks several questions. How can queering as a methodology and gender as a critical rubric complicate the study of the tropics and conceptions of tropicality? And in turn, how can the tropics as a particular worldly zone and tropicality as an imaginary reconfigure notions of the queer and gender writ large? In other words, how might the tropical also queer queerness itself? What are the methodological possibilities of such queering of the tropics? What novel terminologies and onto-epistemologies might this offer? The queer thus aspires to be considered here not as a mere phenomenon that unfolds in the tropical world, but also as a manner through which the unfoldings of the tropics itself can be apprehended. Simply put, the queer as a way to initiate and pursue critical encounters with the tropical world—indeed, queering the tropics.  

    Queering the Tropics seeks (trans)disciplinary contributions that include but are not limited to:

    • Queer Theory and LGBTQIA2+ Studies
    • Queer Indigenous and/or Two Spirit Studies
    • Queer Ecologies, Trans Ecologies, and Ecofeminism
    • Black Feminisms and Intersectionality
    • Anthropology, Heritage, and Archaeology
    • Architecture and Urban Planning
    • Decolonial and Postcolonial Studies
    • Ecocriticism and the Environmental Humanities
    • History, Literary, and Cultural Studies
    • Posthumanism and Transhumanism
    • Science and Technology Studies

    The special issue centres on three major themes: theoretical engagements of gender/sexuality and the tropics; reimaginations and rearticulations of notions of gender and sexuality from and through the tropics; and practical demonstrations from various disciplines of the possibility of queer tropics.

    We accept writings in conventional genres (the scholarly and the creative) and especially encourage hybrid genres, that is, works that attempt to queer the notion of writing itself. As such, we also seek submissions engaging material elements—photographs, videos, art, music, theatre, cinema.  

    CFP Queering the Tropics

    This CFP is open to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary intertwinings, as well as new perspectives on established disciplinary approaches. It invites papers that consider Queering the Tropics through science and literatures, histories and futures, realities and fictions, mythologies and technologies, and knowledges and practices. It invites a wide range of articles and creative works from researchers who engage with the tropical regions of the world: tropical Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, the Indian Ocean Islands, South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, the tropical north of Australia, Papua and the Pacific Ocean Islands, Hawai’i, and the American South.

    eTropic: electronic journal of studies in the Tropics publishes new research from Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and allied fields on the variety and interrelatedness of nature, culture, and society in the Tropics. ISSN:1448-2940, free open access; indexed in Scopus, Google Scholar, Ulrich's, DOAJ; archived in Pandora, Sherpa/Romeo; uses DOIs and Crossref; ranked Scimago Q1. 


    • Submissions close February 15, 2024 (full paper)
    • Publication date: June 2024
    • Research article submissions should be about 6000-8000 words
    • Literary, creative works, and photographic essays about 4000-5000 words
    • Submissions must conform to the eTropic Style Sheet & Layout
    • Titles should be concise and clear (maximum 2 lines)
    • Include a 100-200 word abstract of the article or creative work + 5 keywords
    • Include name of each author, name of institution, country, and Orcid ID (
    • Provide a 100-word biographical note for each author at the end of the article.
    • Submit 2 copies of your work: copy 1 with full author details; copy 2 anonymized
    • Strongly follow APA (edition 7) for in-text citations and reference list
    • Contributions should be submitted as a Microsoft Word file
    • All images must be used with permission and referenced
    • Submissions should be uploaded to eTropic online journal site
    • Suitable papers will be double-anonymous peer-reviewed
    • Authors are strongly advised to browse eTropic articles to make sure they are familiar with the journal’s multidisciplinary scope and style.
    • eTropic website
    • For enquiries, or for pitching your ideas or abstracts, please email the editor-in-chief (, cc:

    Special Issue Editors:

    Christian Jil Benitez, Ateneo de Manila University, The Philippines, and Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

    Gregory Luke Chwala, Union Institute & University, USA

    S.N. Nyeck, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

    Anita Lundberg, James Cook University, Australia

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