Value, Transvaluation and Globalization


  • Steffen Dalsgaard IT University of Copenhagen
  • Ton Otto Aarhus University James Cook University



Value has been a central concept in anthropology and sociology since the birth of these disciplines (e.g. Marx, Simmel, Weber). In recent decades the concept has seen a revival (e.g. Graeber 2001; Eiss and Pedersen 2002; Pedersen 2008; Otto and Willerslev 2013), but while it has been debated and discussed, assessed and evaluated extensively, there are nonetheless still many things to be said about it. This volume addresses a particular perspective on value through the lens of ‘transvaluation’, and how transvaluation may denote a process that occurs in our current world system as an intrinsic effect of contemporary globalization.




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Dalsgaard, S., & Otto, T. (2014). Value, Transvaluation and Globalization. ETropic: Electronic Journal of Studies in the Tropics, 13(2).