Public Art in the Tropics Education Conduit ~ Community Catalyst


  • Linda Ashton School of Education, James Cook University



As part of art education studies, pre-service teachers at JCU have been active in public and community art projects 1999-2009. These works for and with diverse regional communities have been varied, challenging and on a number of levels, highly successful. A consistent theme in the works is the wet and dry tropical imagery of North Queensland. A visual overview will be presented of major projects to illustrate highlights, lowlights and issues. The presentation will celebrate imagination, diversity and how the process of making large scale artworks can be a catalyst for collaboration, education, research, lateral thinking, commitment to active citizenship and facilitation of strong, inclusive community partnerships.




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Ashton, L. (2010). Public Art in the Tropics Education Conduit ~ Community Catalyst. ETropic: Electronic Journal of Studies in the Tropics, 9.