2007 Colin Roderick Lecture

Nicholas Rothwell


Let me thank my audience for coming to listen to me today: let me thank the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies for inviting me to give this year’s Colin Roderick Lectures.
I like to think that Professor Roderick would have looked kindly on the choice of a lecturer drawn from the bleak, ambiguous demi-monde where journalism and literary endeavours meet - for he was involved, as many of you will know, during his days as an editor at Angus and Robertson, in the celebrated libel case in 1961 over “The Bandar-Log,” a novel, still unpublished, by the distinguished Canberra press gallery journalist, Alan Reid. Roderick’s own writings had a strong influence on me at a particular point in my path as an author: but the one act of his that resonates most strongly in my thoughts is the decision he made, 40 years ago, to establish a centre for the study of Australian writing here in the North.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25120/etropic.6.0.2007.3434


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