In Defence of the Dingo

Nerina Caltabiano


At dusk on the 17th August 1980, a Sunday, in the heart of the Australian continent at Ayers Rock, Lindy Chamberlain cried out “My God! My God! The dingo’s got my baby!” Lindy, wife of Michael Chamberlain, a Seventh Day Adventist minister, and mother of two sons Aidan and Regan, was referring to her third child, daughter Azaria, who was just nine weeks old. The ensuing inquests, court cases and media furore, in which culpability for the disappearance of baby Azaria was attributed to members of the Chamberlain family, or persons unknown, or the dingo, resulted in Lindy being convicted and charged with the murder of her baby, and husband Michael being given a suspended sentence as an accessory. Over seven years later, after several appeals, both were acquitted. The precise nature of Azaria’s fate has never been established and her body was never recovered.

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