International Day of the Tropics: Towards a Better Global Future

Sandra Harding, Gillian Bird, Elizabeth Losos, Rose Aderolili, Peter Hotez


At a time of great global change, and as the world begins to implement a redefined global development agenda, is timely to consider the importance of the tropical region and its role in our global future. The ‘International Day of the Tropics’, inaugurated in early June this year and celebrated for the first time on June 29, 2016, shines a light on the significant challenges and opportunities faced by nations of the Tropics and the global implications of the rapid changes the region is experiencing. This paper summarises discussions held at the United Nations in New York on that inaugural International Day of the Tropics.


Tropics; development; International Day of the Tropics; United Nations discussions; Sustainable Development Goals; ecosystems; tropical diseases; demographics; climate change

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