Living Cities: Tropical Imaginaries

Anita Lundberg


This special issue of eTropic  concerns living cities in the tropics and how they are conceived through the imagination. The collection of papers reminds us that urban environments are both created and creative spaces concerned with peopled and lived experiences and their interaction with material, cultural and natural environments. The issue is interested in processes of tropical space and place-making, with an emphasis on key areas that make up lived cities in the tropics: architecture, design, creative industries and economies, circular economy, neoliberalism, displacement, heritage, urban myths, narratives, cultural and natural landscapes, sustainable practices, and everyday life.


tropical cities; material culture; architecture; imagination; creativity; urbanisation; heritage; mythology; displacement; creative economy; neoliberalism; narratives; sustainability

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Lundberg, A. & Geerlings, L. (2017). Tropical Liminal: Urban Vampires & Other Blood-Sucking Monstrosities. eTropic: electronic journal of studies in the tropics. 16 (1), 1-4.



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