Craig Santos Perez


This collection of eight orginal poems of the Pacific Islands focus on the theme "Environmental artistic practices and indigeneity: In(ter)ventions, recycling, sovereignty". The first group of three poems, "Age of Plastic," "Rings of Fire," and "Halloween in the Anthropocene" address issues of climate change, waste, and capitalist exploitation. The second group of three poems, "Chanting the Waters," "One Fish, Two Fish," and "Praise Song for Oceania" address issues of water and the ocean from an indigenous Pacific perspective. The final group of two poems, "Family Trees," and "Tronkon Niyok (Coconut Tree)" address issues of militarization and its impact on Guam's trees.


Poetry; Guam; Pacific Islands; Literature; Ecocriticism; Indigeneity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25120/etropic.19.1.2020.3676


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