spinifex scriptures


  • Yvette Holt Indigenous Poet, Writer, Photographer




Poetry, Photography, Central Australia, Desert, Indigenous


“spinifex scriptures” and “desert analysis” deconstruct through poetry and photography the post-colonial presence of Christian armour, and environmental desert rust – recycled through the economical chambers of abandonment.

Author Biography

Yvette Holt, Indigenous Poet, Writer, Photographer

Brisbane-born Yvette Henry Holt heralds from the Bidjara, Yiman and Wakaman Nations of Queensland. A multi-award winning poet, academic, editor, and photographer of erotic desert votive imagery and landscape, she lives in the Central Deserts of remote Australia. Her debut poetry collection, Anonymous Premonition (UQP 2008), won the Queensland Premier David Unaipon Award 2005, Scanlon Prize for Poetry NSW 2008, Victorian Premier’s Prize for Indigenous Writing 2008 and the RAKA Kate Challis Award 2010. In 2018 Yvette’s poem, mother’s native tongue, an ode to all who have a parent living with dementia, was Highly Commended for the Queensland Poetry Oodgeroo Noonuccal Prize. Yvette’s expansive literary works have appeared nationally and internationally online and in print. She is the chairperson of the First Nations Australia Writers Network FNAWN.




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Holt, Y. (2020). spinifex scriptures. ETropic: Electronic Journal of Studies in the Tropics, 19(1). https://doi.org/10.25120/etropic.19.1.2020.3727