Call for Papers July 2023 Issue: Building Resilient Economies: Innovations and Solutions in the Face of Crisis


The Journal of Resilient Economies (JRE) is pleased to invite original research papers, literature reviews, case studies, and conceptual frameworks that address the building of resilient economies for our July issue. The 21st century has been marked by various crises that have significantly affected economies, communities, and industries globally. The COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, has highlighted the need for resilience and adaptive capacity, even in strong economies.

JRE seeks multidisciplinary contributions with local to global perspectives that explore and address the following areas:

  • Economic resilience (at micro, meso, or macro levels)
  • Industry and organisational resilience
  • Regional, urban, and rural resilience

The journal encourages research and thinking that builds knowledge, understanding, and insight into solutions that address the building of resilient economies. We welcome papers that provide practical and innovative approaches, as well as theoretical perspectives, to address the challenges of building resilient economies in the face of crises.

JRE is a platinum open-access journal, and there is no charge to authors or readers. The publication of the journal is fully supported by James Cook University, Australia.

Submission Guidelines:

JRE offers a fast-track peer-review process, ensuring timely publication of accepted manuscripts. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer-review, and authors will receive a decision within four weeks of submission

To see the types of pf article publishable by JRE, please visit this page here.

All manuscripts should be original and not under review elsewhere. Authors are encouraged to follow the JRE submission guidelines, which can be found on the journal's website. Manuscripts should be submitted by May 31, 2023, for consideration in the July issue. All published works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

For more information about the Journal of Resilient Economies, please visit our website or contact the Editor-in-Chief A/Prof Taha Chaiechi at or the Publicity and Communication Associate Ms Dwi Sugiharti at

We look forward to receiving your submissions.