From Policies to Actions

Mayoral Leadership and Local Government's Impact on Urban Resilience in Indonesia


  • Faruq Ibnul Haqi University of South Australia



Political Leadership, Policymaking Process, Mayor, Urban Resilience, Local Governement, Resilience Planning


Indonesia's governance landscape embraces local governance and decentralization, empowering local authorities to tailor urban policies to their specific contexts. Decentralization provides the flexibility needed for crafting contextually relevant urban policies, while effective urban governance ensures responsible resource allocation and participatory decision-making. These intertwined elements mutually reinforce urban development and resilience. Local governance is pivotal in fostering community engagement and accountability, facilitating inclusive policymaking. National leadership provides overarching policy guidance, while local governments collaborate with stakeholders, including community representatives, civil society, and the private sector, to ensure policy relevance and local ownership. This paper examines the Indonesian urban policy formulation process, focusing on the influential role of mayoral leadership. It highlights the significance of local governance structures in crafting resilience-oriented urban policies. Employing qualitative content analysis approach to scrutinize policy documents and scholarly works, the paper sheds light on the complexities of policy development. The study accentuates the significance of mayoral leadership and participatory governance in advancing urban resilience. It reveals that involving a broad range of stakeholders in policymaking empowers local communities and drives sustainable urban development. The research illustrates the combined impact of political leadership and agile governance in maximizing decentralization's advantages, leading to urban policies rooted in resilience that resonate with the community's specific needs. 


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