Editorial: Resilience Unveiled

Navigating the Complexity of Economic Challenges





Resilience, Economic Challenges, Financial Literacy, Halal Supply Chain, Socio-Ecological Resilience, Electric Vehicles, Foreign Direct Investment, Urban Governance


This editorial introduces the December 2023 edition of the Journal of Resilient Economies, focusing on "Resilience Approaches for Navigating Complex Economic Challenges." Covering diverse themes such as financial literacy, Halal supply chains, socio-ecological resilience, electric vehicles, foreign direct investment, and urban governance, the publication offers unique perspectives. The insights provided in these papers contribute significantly to ongoing discussions on economic resilience, guiding potential future research and policy development.

Author Biography

Taha Chaiechi, James Cook University, Australia

Dr Taha Chaiechi is Associate Professor of Economics in the College of Business, Law and Governance where she is also Australia Director, Centre for International Trade and Business in Asia (CITBA). Currently Taha is serving James Cook University as Expert Member on the Academic Board. Previously she has contributed to the governance and the Teaching & Learning profile of the College in different capacities. She is also Associate Editor-in-Chief, Bulletin of Applied Economics (ABDC ranked). Taha is an expert in systematic modelling of dynamic relationships between economic, environmental and social variables. Her research attitude is holistic and inspired by issues in climate change and natural disasters, and their impacts on different economic sectors such as health, tourism, environment, energy, and cities. At the core of her research philosophy is sustainable development, and she uses the 2030 Agenda as a malleable guide throughout her research. Taha’s multidisciplinary research approach has resulted in numerous collaborative projects over a broad spectrum of research topics, with the intention to enhance methodological approaches that are especially suitable for sustainability analysis.   


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