Ethics Statement

JRE, as a renowned economics journal, is firmly committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in scholarly publishing. We prioritise adherence to established guidelines and widely recognised best practices in the field of academic publishing.


In cases where published articles are found to contain significant errors, misleading information, or are determined to be the result of research misconduct, JRE maintains a clear and transparent retraction policy. The decision to retract an article is made after careful evaluation by the editorial board, following due process and consultation with the relevant authors, institutions, and other involved parties. Retracted articles are promptly identified, clearly marked as retracted, and accompanied by an explanation of the reasons for the retraction.


JRE recognises that errors or inaccuracies may occasionally arise in published articles despite rigorous peer review and editorial processes. In such cases, we have a policy to promptly address and correct any identified errors. Corrections are made following careful assessment and verification of the reported issue, and they are published in a timely manner with proper attribution, providing transparency to our readership.

Publishing Malpractices:

JRE strongly condemns any form of publishing malpractices, including plagiarism, data fabrication or falsification, improper authorship attribution, redundant publication, or any other unethical conduct. We have strict policies and procedures in place to detect and address such misconduct. Allegations of publishing malpractices are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate actions are taken, including retractions, corrections, expressions of concern, or notification to relevant institutions or authorities, as necessary.


In order to ensure transparency and accessibility to our policies, JRE maintains a comprehensive website where specific policies regarding plagiarism , repository, Ethics, Open Access, Licensing and Rights, and other ethical matters are clearly outlined. Authors, reviewers, and readers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these policies, which are regularly updated to reflect evolving best practices and industry standards.

By adhering to these ethical principles, JRE aims to foster a responsible and trustworthy scholarly publishing environment that promotes integrity, excellence, and the advancement of knowledge.