• Resilience and Community
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021)

    Welcome to the inaugural issue of Journal of Resilient Economies

    We are proud to present the first issue of the Journal of Resilient Economies (JRE). The Journal of Resilient Economies (JRE) publishes original research with a multidisciplinary focus to further advance the important concept of resilience. While the concept of sustainability has become well established in scholarly works in the past several years, economic resilience is poorly understood, and the concept is under-researched. Accordingly, the articles in the current issue look at changing economies, challenges, and opportunities, focusing on community-based issues while offering strategies to achieve resilience, competitiveness, and emerging practices. Despite topic diversity in this issue, one common element appears to be the focus on extensive resilience and sustainability discourses. We hope you find it provocative and informative.

    JRE is fully supported by James Cook University Open Journal Systems (OJS), driven by the belief that knowledge has the power to change lives and that research outputs should be freely accessible online, without barriers. To cite, include Author(s), Title, Journal of Resilient Economies, volume, issue, year, pages and DOI.

    Editor-in-Chief: A/Prof Taha Chaiechi, College of Business, Law and Governance, James Cook University, Australia 

  • Enhancing Private and Public Sectors Contributions to Building Resilience
    Vol. 1 No. 2 (2021)

    The conventional methods of addressing external threats, such as climate change, public health emergencies and unsustainable growth, are no longer adequate. These methods that have been used in addressing challenging issues have one thing in common; they largely ignore the ongoing structural changes at organisational and market levels. Furthermore, these methods have failed to account for the role of the individual, organisational and economic resilience, as well as measures of adaptability across the spectrum. Accordingly, this issue looks at ways through which the concept of resilience could be integrated within organisations and why there is a need for public and private sector partnerships in achieving economic resilience.

    Taha Chaiechi, Editor-in-chief

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