Peer-Review Process

Journal of Resilient Economies requires that all submitted articles go through a double-blind peer-review process to eliminate bias, and evaluation based on originality, research depth and quality, and relevance to JRE's theme.

JRE's peer-review process can be broadly summarised into the following 6 steps:

1.     Submission of Paper

The authors submit the article to the Journal. This is done via the Journal's online system.  

2.     Editorial Assessment

The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) evaluates the submission against the Journal's Author Guidelines to ensure it satisfies the research relevance, originality, and structure. The quality of the articles is not assessed at this stage. The editorial assessment at this stage is made within two working days from the submission of the paper. 

3.     EIC Assigns a Deputy EIC (aka Handling Editor)

If the EIC positively appraises articles, the articles will be sent to Deputy EIC to handle the peer review.

4.     Invitation to Reviewers

The handling editor then will invite up to two relevant experts to carry out the review. At this stage, the handling editor will ensure the review follows a double-blind review process during which neither reviewers nor authors know who the other party's identity. 

5.     Review is Conducted

Following the receipt of acceptance from nominated reviewers, the review process commences. The review process is expected to take up to six weeks. Upon completion, the review is submitted to the handling editor via the online system, with a recommendation to accept or reject or request a revision (flagged as either major or minor revision).

6.     Handling the Reviews

The handling editor considers all reviews before making a decision. 


Reviewer verdict

Handling Editor's Actions


1-    Sends the author an acceptance notification

2-    Sends the paper to production, including copyediting. This stage may take up to 2 weeks.


Sends the author notification of rejection that includes constructive feedback

Request Revision (minor or major)

Sends the authors an email by including constructive comments from the reviewers to help the author improve the article before resubmission. Upon receipt of revision from authors, the revised paper will be evaluated by the handling editor again to ensure all comments have been taken on board and are addressed. If handling editor positively appraises the revise version, the paper will be sent to production including copyediting.


Editors and Editorial Board Members as Authors 

Editors or Editorial Board Members are welcome to submit their work to JRE, but they will not be involved in editorial and review decisions about their scholarly work. JRE has an established mechanism to clearly define handling submissions from editors or editorial board members that includes the following:

  • Submissions from editors or editorial board members are not given any priority over other submissions.
  • Editor status or Editorial Board Member status has no bearing on editorial and review considerations.
  • When an Editor or Editorial Board Member is a contributing author on a submission, they are entirely excluded from the submission's editorial review. They will have no access to confidential information on the review process, and no input into the publication decision.
  • Accepted articles authored by Editors or Editorial Board Members will include a statement to explain the process used to make the editorial decision.

Reviewer Recognition

JRE recognises and values the significant investment of time and expertise by peer reviewers to ensure that published papers are of the highest quality.

JRE provides reviewers with recognition in a number of ways:

  • Inclusion in an annual list of reviewers, published on the JRE website
  • A certificate to confirm the reviewer's contribution (upon request)
  • Connect with editors and raise your profile as an expert in your field
  • Reviewers are welcome to add their review history for JRE on their Publons profile to provide official recognition of their peer review contributions. Read more here.

What is Publons?
Publons is a free online platform that helps you record, verify, and showcase your contributions while ensuring that reviewer anonymity is maintained according to JRE policies.