FALS: Colin Roderick Lecture 1994: Dennis Haskell

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Australian Poetic Satire by Dennis Haskell.

The Colin Roderick Lectures, sponsored by the Townsville Foundation for Australian Literary Studies, are delivered annually by a distinguished Australian writer or academic at James Cook University, and subsequently published by the Foundation. The series is named for Emeritus Professor Colin Roderick, Foundation Professor of English at James Cook University and distinguished Lawson scholar. 

Dennis Haskell is a Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Western Australia and Director of the Centre for Studies in Australian Literature. He has been Co-editor of Westerly since 1985. He has published literary essays in a wide range of areas, including American Literature, Australian Literature, Asian Literature, Modernism and Romanticism, and three collections of poetry: Listening at Night (1984), Touch of Ginger (1992) and Abracadabra (1993). His other books include: Wordhord 1989), Kenneth Slessor (1991), John Keats (1991), and Myths, Heroes and Anti-Heroes: Essays on Literature and Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region (1992). He has also edited Kenneth Slessor: Collected Poems (1994) and Tilting at Matilda: Literature, Aborigines, Women and the Church in Contemporary Australia (1994).

Professor A.J. Hassall
Executive Director

Published: 2016-05-25