Vol. 39 No. 1 (2012): Performing Lives

LiNQ Journal - life writing
LiNQ Volume 39 focuses on life narratives – the stories individuals tell about themselves and others. More specifically, the theme of the issue ‘Performing Lives’ considers autobiographical and biographical stories as constructed ‘performances’ rather than as simple acts of recalling and telling lives. This theme also gestures to the way life writing in print form has, in a technology-saturated era, migrated into other media including film, television, online, theatre, and the gallery. In our call for papers we asked for creative and scholarly work that broadly considered performance both in a literal sense, such as in the theatre, on film and television, as well as in a metaphorical sense. How are identities constructed and narrated in auto/biographically-based stories? How do authors and artists choose to represent themselves? What do they include and exclude? The response to our call revealed the way life narrative and auto/biographical methods have infiltrated approaches to work both inside the academy and out. Below is a selection of works from Volume 39 ‘Life Writing – Performing Lives’. Enjoy.
Published: 2016-01-17