Edge-ground axes in Pleistocene Greater Australia - more evidence from S.E. Cape York Peninsula: a reply to Sutton

M.J. Morwood


The Pleistocene antiquity of edge-ground artefacts in various parts of Northern Australia and New Guinea, including the Kimberley, western Arnhem Land and S.E. Cape York Peninsula, is no longer controversial (e.g. Jones and Johnson 1985; Schrire 1982; Rosenfeld et al. 1981).  Even so, Sutton (1990:95 - this volume QAR) had rightly questioned the sufficiency of evidence presented by Morwood and Tresize (1990) in support of a minimum date of 32,000 b.p. for edge-grinding at Sandy Creek 1 in S.E. Cape York Peninsula.  I welcome this opportunity to rectify this situation.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.25120/qar.7.1990.130

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