Brooyar Rochshelter: a late Holocene seasonal hunting camp from southeast Queensland

Ian McNiven


This paper details the results of an excavation undertaken at Brooyar Rockshelter, southeast Queensland during August 1987.  The Rockshelter was excavated as part of a larger research project focused upon the adjacent coastal region of Cooloola (McNiven 1985).  The excavation had two main aims.  The first was to establish a chronological framework for backed blades in the Gympie-Cooloola region, thus providing insight into the antiquity of non-stratified open sites with backed blades in the region (e.g. sandblow sites at Cooloola - McNiven 1895:15, 26, 28) (cf. Hiscock 1986).  The second aim was to obtain comparative information on subsistence activities located in the hinterland region of Cooloola.

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