An archaeological survey of the Cooloola Region, S.E. Queensland

Ian McNiven


Within the last decade a general model of Aboriginal subsistence and settlement has emerged for coastal southeast Queensland.  Investigations have concentrated in two areas, Fraser Island (Devitt 1979, Lauer 1977, 1979) and Moreton Bay (Alfredson 1983, 1984, Crooks 1982, Draper 1978, Hall 1980, 1982a, 1984, Hall and Robins 1984, Richardson 1979, 1984, Robins 1983, Robins and Hall 1981, Stockton 1974, Walters 1980).  The general ethnohistorical and archaeological scenario for these two areas suggests semi-permanent coastal settlement with a subsistence orientation to marine protein resources (Devitt 1979, Hall 1982).  The coastal archaeological record between these two areas however remains virtually unknown. 

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